We could certainly talk about dentistry all day, but we know in today’s world, seeing is believing! Below, you’ll find pictures of real patients the team at Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart has helped throughout the years. Whether they were in pain or just wanted to improve their appearance, a beautiful, functional smile was always the result. If you’d like to learn more about some of the treatments we’ve featured here, please contact us today.


"My headaches have been reduced significantly." says Walt, "They are much less frequent and not nearly as bad as I used to get. I love my new smile and my friends and family have noticed too. They tell me I look younger and happier. I don't really notice the difference so much anymore because they feel like my own teeth. They're comfortable and look completely natural. I'd do this again in a heartbeat and have recommended several of my friends to Dr. Amy"


“My friends and family have been astounded by how natural my new smile looks. Total strangers will even compliment my smile. It makes me feel great. Thank you Dr. Amy!”


I must say that this is the best money I have ever spent on myself and I couldn't be happier with the results. I recommend Dr. Amy and her team to anyone and everyone who wants a good friendly dentist who is gentle and incredibly talented. I can’t thank her enough.


“Dr. Crary is extremely thorough and explains everything she’s doing in as much detail as you want to hear. Then, she goes an extra step or two because she’s a perfectionist; exactly what you want when having a smile makeover.”


Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart female patient smiling

“I’ve become quite fond of Dr. Crary and her team. I trust them completely and we have so much fun during my visits. I actually look forward to my dental appointments. Who would ever say that about a dentist?!”


Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart female patient smiling

“I had all of my silver fillings replaced; I also had one new crown placed along with eight veneers in my smile zone. Now I have a gorgeous smile and I love my new dentist.”

Lu Ann

Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart female patient smiling

“I now have a smile better than I ever thought possible. I receive compliments nearly every day and everything feels completely natural. I love it.”


Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart male patient smiling

“I had true dental anxiety. I refused to go. My old dentistry was failing and I couldn’t even chew on one side of my mouth. I went to Dr. Crary for a complimentary consultation and the rest is history.”


Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart male patient smiling

“I knew Georgia was happy with her choice in Dr. Amy Crary, but the day she came home with the makeover she couldn’t stop smiling and I couldn't stop looking at her smile. It looks fantastic and she was so elated. And it only took two visits!”

Al & Georgia

“I have to admit that I am amazed. I am so happy with this whole experience. Dr. Crary and her team are the nicest, kindest and most gentle people I have ever met in the healthcare industry. My smile looks awesome and feels completely natural. I’ll never go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Crary!”


Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart female patient smiling

“This is how you should be treated in a five star business and I am so glad we have such a place right here in Stuart. I recommend all of my friends and family to her and I will never go anywhere else again for dental work. My biggest regret is that I didn't do this sooner!”


“Dr. Crary did a full-mouth makeover for me. However, my husband was in real trouble before she helped him. He was grinding his teeth so much that he was breaking and chipping them. They were getting shorter and shorter. He really needed a dentist like Dr. Crary. Thank goodness we found her.”

Vonda & Mark

Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart female and male patient smiling

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