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Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart advanced technology

Today’s dental technology is truly amazing, and to see evidence of that, you need to look no further than Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart. Our commitment to using only the most advanced tools enables us to learn more about your dental health faster, so we can treat your problems even quicker. Plus, thanks to our imaging technology, we’ll be able to better explain your care, so we can take some of the mystery out of your dental visits. Read on below to learn more about some of the great tools we use every day.

Patient receiving intraoral photos

Intraoral Camera

With this small, pen-sized camera, we can effortlessly capture high-resolution images of your teeth and gums and display them on a chairside monitor. This will not only make it much easier for us to spot dental problems, but it will also give you a whole new perspective on your smile. You’ll actually be able to see what your dentist is talking about, making it much easier to understand why we might be recommending certain treatments.

Digital x-rays on tablet computer

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays give us all of the diagnostic capabilities of traditional, film-based X-rays with none of the usual drawbacks. They can create crystal clear images almost instantly, and they don’t require toxic darkroom chemicals to be developed. Even better, they also reduce radiation exposure by over 90%! And, because everything is digitized, the images can be easily sent, stored, and displayed on a monitor for you to go over with your dentist.

Woman receiving cone beam scan

CT / Cone Beam Scanner

Our CT/Cone Beam Scanner allows us to gain a more global understanding of your dental health. With it, we can create a fully digital three-dimensional X-ray image of your teeth, jaw, and other surrounding structures. This kind of image also shows the soft tissues, which allows us to plan more complicated procedures with extreme precision. Additionally, our CT Scanner helps us to visualize the jaw joints, making it an invaluable tool in the treatment of our orthodontic and TMJ cases. With the information we gain, we’ll be able to better personalize your care so we can ensure the most successful outcome.

Patient receiving digital impressions

Digital Impression System

If you’ve ever had an impression taken with dental putty, then we bet it wasn’t exactly your favorite experience! This is why we now only use quick and comfortable digital impressions. With this method, a small, handheld device is maneuvered through the mouth to capture dozens of unique images of your teeth. Then, on a nearby monitor, these images are “stitched” together to create a fully 3D impression of your teeth. Not only is this process much easier on patients, but it also gives us more accurate, highly-detailed impressions as well.

Soft tissue laser wand

Soft Tissue Laser

Thanks to our soft tissue laser, we’re able to perform even the most sensitive periodontal (gum) procedures with relative ease. The laser’s highly-focused beam of light is able to literally zap away bacteria located along the gum line, and it can even remove infected tissue while reducing bleeding as well. We also use our soft tissue laser for many of our cosmetic cases. It can help to minimize the appearance of a gummy smile, help to lengthen short teeth, and help to even out a smile in cases where the gums are not symmetrical. On top of this, it’s so precise that it can leave all of the surrounding healthy tissue untouched, making the procedure itself as well as recovery virtually pain-free.

TENS system with electrodes and monitor


We like to utilize our TENS unit to provide pain relief for our TMJ patients. This machine uses gentle, rhythmic electronic pulses to massage the strained jaw muscles, stimulate blood flow, and flush out inflammatory factors. It’s a simple, non-invasive way to reduce pain as well as help relieve other assorted TMJ disorder symptoms. The treatment only takes about an hour , but the results can be trusted to last.

Woman receiving K7 treatment


When treating our TMJ patients, we first need to understand the alignment of their bite, or more specifically, how their bite should be aligned. How do we find this perfect position? With our K7 machine. It enables us to locate the perfect orientation for your jaw so that the muscles and joint can relax and avoid damage. With this information, we’ll be able to design your treatment plan to help your jaw find this ideal position on its own.

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