Before You Arrive: Discover How Your Dentist is Preparing to Protect You Against COVID-19

May 9, 2020

a dentist in Stuart wearing a lab coat and face mask while holding a dental instrument

Where is the one location you can visit right now that ismost likely to be the cleanest? If you answered the dentist’s office, you’reright. This sterile and highly disinfected environment must always abide by thestrictest guidelines when it comes to cleanliness, but as COVID-19 continues topose a threat, your dentistin Stuart is ramping up efforts to make sure no one enters the office untilall health and safety standards are met. Interested in learning what these effortsare and how they’re benefitting you? Read on.

Advanced Training for All Staff Members

Knowing how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is a crucialpart of working in the dental field during this time. From understanding howand when to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to following manufacturerguidelines as they pertain to cleaning reusable instruments and equipment, yourdental team is receiving the necessary training to not only answer yourquestions but also ensure the office you arrive at exceeds your expectations whenit comes to customer service, cleanliness, and safety.

Choosing a Safety Champion Each Day

Known as a role found in many construction and factory industries,this same position can be easily applied to the dental field. By designating adifferent member of the team to serve as a Safety Champion, this givesresponsibility to a new individual each day to make sure all visitors areproperly greeted, social distancing is maintained, and all safety protocols arebeing closely followed.

Wearing Necessary Personal Protective Equipment

While this might seem as if these items (i.e. face masks,face shields, protective eyewear, gloves, disposable gowns) only protect thedentist, this dental safety protocol in Stuart also serves to benefit you, thepatient. How? A few examples include preventing any germs that exist on adental hygienist or dentist’s hands from entering your mouth during treatmentor keeping bacteria that live on a dental professional’s personal clothing frombeing transferred onto your own.

Checking Temperatures of Staff When They Arrive

Want to avoid encountering someone who is sick or displayingsymptoms of COVID-19? As an added precaution, your dentist is checking thetemperatures of all staff members when they arrive for work. This will help toeliminate the possibility of someone coming into the office who can pose a riskto other individuals. Should a member of the team become sick, they are instructedto remain at home until they are cleared to return to work.

Increasing Sanitation Throughout the Office

From deep cleanings performed every evening to continuousdisinfecting of equipment, dental instruments, and surfaces after everypatient, your dentist is making sure all areas of the office are thoroughlycleaned. This also includes adding a HEPA-filter to the HVAC system and stand-alonecleaners to ensure improved air quality.

You see, there is nothing to worry about should you requiredental care in the coming months. All the necessary precautions are beingobserved but should you inquire more about the measures being taken, do not beafraid to contact a member of your dental staff.

About the Author
Dr. Amy Crary is a dentist in Stuart, FL, who completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with high honors from the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Practicing since 2002, she and her colleagues are taking added precautions during this time to keep all staff and patients safe from potential exposure to COVID-19. As it remains a threat, she is implementing certain guidelines that will improve the health and safety of the office and keep patients better protected during their visit. If you are preparing for an upcoming appointment but want to know what you can do to help, visit our website or call (772) 888-1590.

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